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Pearl Drops - Products Online UAE Dubai
Pearl Drops - Products Online UAE Dubai
Pearl Drops - Products Online UAE Dubai
Brand: Pearl Drops Model: PD2711
With natural pearl, this is specifically formulated with a gentle coffee and tea stain removal complex within the 4D whitening system that deep-cleanses and removes stain build up from tea, coffee and other daily indulgences...
21.00 AED
Brand: Pearl Drops Model: PD0345
Effectively helps remove stains and plaque. Helps restore natural teeth whiteness. It also reduce tartar build-up and protects againist decay, Freshens breath. Gentle and safe for everyday use...
14.00 AED
Brand: Pearl Drops Model: PD0342
Ingredients Sorbitol Aqua Hydrated Silica Glycerin Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphate Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate PEG-12 Aroma Cellulose Gum Sodium Saccharin Sodium Fluoride Cl 42090 Cl 47005 Contains Sodium Fluoride (1100 ppm F) It contains micro-polishers which effectively but gently..
14.00 AED
Brand: Pearl Drops Model: PD0642
Pearl drops smokers 1+1 mouthwash for clean fresh breath. Helps remove tar. Fights tobacco odour tar and nicotine can build up into a film in the mouth which may cause smoker's breath. Pearl drops smokers 1+1 is a double action mouthwash with special cleansers plus active fresheners which neutralize..
17.00 AED
Brand: Pearl Drops Model: PD1751
Pearl Drops Hollywood Smile Whitening Tooth polish 50 Ml Toothpaste NEW LOOK! Pearl Drops Hollywood Smile whitening tooth polish with advanced micro-polishing system and Peroxi-white Active Oxygen. This latest whitening toothpolish from Pearl Drops is the ultimate 3 week whitening treatment guarante..
19.00 AED
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