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LAICA - Products Online UAE Dubai
LAICA - Products Online UAE Dubai
LAICA - Products Online UAE Dubai
Brand: LAICA Model: TH2002
Das Infrarot-Ohrthermometer TH2002 LAICA misst mit der Infrarot-Technologie schnell die Körpertemperatur. Es eignet sich besonders für die Messung an Kindern, da sie die Körpertemperatur schnell erfasst. Das leichte und handliche Infrarot-Thermometer LAICA speichert die letzte Messung und hat ein ak..
140.00 AED
Brand: LAICA Model: BM2301
The LAICA BM2301 arm blood pressure monitor is a fully automatic medical device for home use.It allows rapid measurement of arterial blood pressure (systolic and diastolic) and heart rate and it indicates any arrhythmias.Easy to use, it lets you monitor your blood pressure quickly every day, at home..
145.00 AED
Brand: LAICA Model: PS3001
LAICA Baby ScaleThis electronic baby scale from LAICA has been designed to help you monitor the growth of your baby, accurately and reliably quantifying how much milk has been assimilated at each feed. The TARE function allows you to weigh the baby using a soft cloth or towel. The scale comes w..
260.00 AED
Brand: LAICA Model: PS3004
For infants and children, LAICA developed a full line of medical approved scales and thermometers as well as humidifiers manufactured under the strictest quality and safety controls with special attention to the specific needs and care of this age group. • Large LCD display for easy r..
330.00 AED
Brand: LAICA Model: TH4007
• Infrared thermometer for the tub accurately detects the water temperature• Infrared technology offers a higher level of reliability• Safe, fast, accurate and easy to use a bath thermometer• Infrared technology offers a higher level of reliability• Safe, fast, accurate and ..
80.00 AED
Brand: LAICA Model: MD6078
LAICA’S Electrical Muscle Stimulators are based on low frequency electrical stimulation that reproduces the natural mechanism of muscular contraction Safe and easy to use, non-toxic, non-invasive and ideal for home use with a large LCD display for an optimal reading LAICA’S range of EMS products off..
499.00 AED
Brand: LAICA Model: PC3005P
Manicure and pedicure set with 5 accessories and compact polish dryer with two different drying functions.– Portable with practical carrying case included.– Practical and convenient, small size polish dryer...
105.00 AED
Brand: LAICA Model: BC1005
Taking care of newborns requires the utmost hygiene of the necessary accessories for nursing. Among the household methods applied for assuring a suitable hygienic level, the use of heat is surely the most interesting one. By means of the steam generated by a hot source, it is possible to r..
245.00 AED
Brand: LAICA Model: MD6026
LAICA Ultrasound aerosol therapy deviceThe LAICA MD6026 aerosol therapy ultrasound device guarantees a rapid and extremely silent spray. Easy to use, its silent operation makes it the perfect solution for children.The ultrasound device converts electric energy into high-frequency vibrations usi..
350.00 AED
Brand: LAICA Model: NE1005
The Laica NE1005 ultrasound aerosol therapy unit guarantees a rapid and extremely silent spray. Its small size and compact shape make it particularly handy and suitable for travel. Easy to use, its silent operation makes it the perfect solution for children.– Extremely quiet– Battery and m..
500.00 AED
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