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FLOXIA - Products Online UAE Dubai
FLOXIA - Products Online UAE Dubai
FLOXIA - Products Online UAE Dubai
Brand: FLOXIA Model: FLX-005-0
The Exfoliating Soap has a quadruple action, it gently cleanses, offers a delicate peeling, invigorates and helps unifying the complexion through various plant and marine origin extracts...
55.00 AED
Brand: FLOXIA Model: FLX-007-0
The Juvenia Eye Contour restores vitality of the eye contour and preserves its youthful look. Its very light gel-cream texture is the ideal daily care product to protect the skin against wrinkles and crow’s feet. Its formula enriched with iris extract participates in the regeneration of the epidermi..
185.00 AED
Brand: FLOXIA Model: FLX-016-0
The Gentle Cleansing Gel protects and soothes while respecting the fragile epidermis of your skin. Its formula is enriched with Aloe Vera for its soothing and softening properties...
155.00 AED
Brand: FLOXIA Model: FLX-020-0
The Nourishing Balm is an essential must-have for dry skins. Its creamy texture and delicate fragrance provide all the comfort you need. A mix of nourishing active ingredients composed with shea butter and glycerin, which enable the reconstruction of the skin barrier...
130.00 AED
Brand: FLOXIA Model: FLX-021-0
The Nourishing Dermocosmetic Soap cleanses without dehydrating the skin. Its formula acts as a skin softener and helps keep the skin smooth, supple, and soft...
55.00 AED
Brand: FLOXIA Model: FLX-017-0
The Regenerating Redness Control Cream prevents irritation and protects the epidermis from external aggressions. It reduces the appearance of redness, unifies and soothes the skin. Its use is ideal for reactive skin, prone to redness or after sun exposure...
170.00 AED
Brand: FLOXIA Model: FLX-022-0
The Regulating Gel improves the condition of oily-prone skin by cleansing impurities and regulating its shiny appearance. Its formula combines sebum-regulating, kerator-regulating assets and mattifying properties such as salicylic and azelaic acid, zinc gluconate and Sébomine ...
150.00 AED
Brand: FLOXIA Model: FLX-018-0
Juvenia Serum combats the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and helps to reverse the aging process. Juvenia Serum combines a “youth blend” composed of a surcharged anti-aging peptide, a redensifying extract, a tensor and firming ingredient and hyaluronic acid for an optimal and immediate lifting e..
220.00 AED
Brand: FLOXIA Model: FLX-019-0
The Stretch Marks Cream combines a complex of active ingredients that prevent and enable the regression of stretch marks whether they are due to variations in weight or to pregnancy. It improves the elasticity of the skin and tones the sagging tissues...
170.00 AED
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