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Blood Glucose Control

Brand: Trister
Using a combined Blood Glucose and S-Ketone measuring device improves glycaemic control. Ketone testing is a key part of Type 1 diabetes management as it helps to prevent ketone acidosis from occurring. For others, monitoring blood glucose and ketone levels is increasingly important in maintaining g..
299.00 AED
Brand: Trister
B-Ketone Test Strips Only For Trister 2 in 1 Meter (TS-021BGK). Consist of 10 strips and also it is useful for self testing Features : • This ketone test strips are only suitable for Trister 2 in 1 Meter (TS-021BGK) • 10 Test Strips • Suitable For Self Testing..
126.00 AED
Brand: Trister
These glucose test strips are only suitable for Trister 2 in 1 Meter, Model-TS 021BGK Technical Specifications -Chemical Composition (per strip): -Glucose Dehydrogenase(E.Coli)-8% -Electron Shuttle-55% -Enzyme Protector-8% -Non-reactive Ingredients-29% Features : • These glucose test strips are on..
93.00 AED
Brand: Trister
Diabetes mellitus is fast becoming one of the most common chronic complaints across the world. Adult-onset diabetes or as it is better known, as Type 2 diabetes is the result of a combination of lifestyle factors such as poor diet, lack of exercise, and being overweight. Monitoring blood glucose lev..
87.00 AED
Brand: Trister
One step, quick & accurate Ketone & Glucose level test. One step combination test and also results within a minute with professional Grade. Features : • One step combination test, Both ketone and glucose levels interpreted at the same time. • Results within a minute. • No set-up required. It's r..
30.00 AED
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