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YOTUEL - Products Online UAE Dubai
YOTUEL - Products Online UAE Dubai
YOTUEL - Products Online UAE Dubai
Brand: YOTUEL Model: ITE180
Cleaner, whiter, shinier teeth. Whitens stains without damaging enamel. Anti-caries, anti-tartar. Ideal for consumers who have sensitive teeth and gums. • Protect gums and soft tissues: Detergent free: SLS free • Protects from enamel erosion: Low abrasively and formulated at..
31.50 AED
Brand: YOTUEL Model: ITE165
Designed by dentists to whiten your teeth quickly and safely at home, without abrasives, protecting enamel and gums. Visible results from the first application. The Kit includes:2 tubes of Yotuel 7 Hours gel (6 ml) for the whitening treatment.2 thermo-mouldable mouth trays that fit perfectly in..
125.00 AED
Brand: YOTUEL Model: ITE163
Yotuel Mouthwash is a multi-action mouthwash to whiten teeth and freshen breath. Benefits: Dental whitening mouthwash. Fights plaque and caries and repairs and strengthens gums. Alcohol-Free. With a refreshing mint flavor. How to use: Take a small quantity of mouthwash, then rinse for 3 minutes afte..
26.00 AED
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